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HarperImpulse is an exciting new range of romance fiction brought to you from the women’s fiction team at HarperCollins. Our aim is to break new talent from debut authors and import the hottest trends from the US, bringing you the very best in romance. Whether that is through short reads for your mobile phone or epic sagas that span the generations we want to proudly publish romance fiction that gets everybody talking.

To speak to the team about submissions, partnership opportunities or press enquiries, please e-mail romance@harpercollins.co.uk.


Meet the team

KimKimberley Young
is publisher of Women’s Fiction at HarperCollins. Kim has over ten years of experience in editing commercial women’s fiction. She has a soft spot for rom coms and is currently obsessed with new adult and short reads. Kim simply can’t pick her one favourite romance hero of all time, as there are too many good ones to choose from. Instead she has a new flavour each and every month. So, today her pick is Deacon Claybourne from the new series Nashville. Why? He’s brooding, plays the guitar and only loves one woman…





IMG_0746Cait Davies is the marketing campaign manager at HarperFiction, and has always loved reading. Starting her career in publishing in the Children’s book world, she’s always had an eye for adventure, and particularly loves a bit of fantastical romance – and a good strong heroine, to boot. Find her @HarperImpulse, on the HarperImpulse Facebook page, and googling ‘bookish cat gifs’ in between…





Charlotte Ledger began working in publishing in 2011 and has always been a book lover but, since watching her first episode of Dawson’s Creek when she was 13, she’s found it impossible to resist a good love story! Pacey Witter stole her heart and her life it seems as her addiction for all things romance eventually led to her working at Mills & Boon. Thrilled to be at HarperImpulse, she can’t wait to fall in love with your submissions and find the next exciting new voices in Romance. So what are you waiting for? The inbox is open! You can follow Charlotte on Twitter @girl_on_a_ledge.





Alexandra Allden is the designer for HarperImpulse as well working within the Harper Fiction team since 2012. She aims to create covers that show the true essence of the authors’ stories and get them out to the public as soon as possible. It’s quick, fun and she loves being able to bring their characters to life. She’s always had a soft spot for a good romance especially the darker side. The anti-hero gets her every time, so Heathcliff, Jay Gatsby… Damon Salvatore – All of the above!





Cherie Chapman is a Book Designer for HarperFiction, joining the HarperImpulse team in 2014. Starting her career as an eBook designer at Hodder & Stoughton, she has a creative eye for strong designs that stand out and compete within the ever-growing industry of women’s fiction. She loves curling up with a good book and is a sucker for star-crossed lovers like Romeo & Juliet, Buffy & Angel and Phoebe & Cole.









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