Acquisition announcement: Jill Knapp

We are beyond excited to introduce you all to our latest Impulse author, Jill Knapp, and are so thrilled to be working with her on her debut novel: a witty, sexy and sharply contemporary look at dating in Manhattan. Look out for more details coming very soon!

Jill Knapp

And here is Jill to tell us a little bit more about herself…

I always wrote, but I wasn’t always a writer.

From the age of 16- 25 my main goal in life was to become a psychologist. I did everything I possibly could to achieve this goal. I took advanced classes in High School for extra credit, declared my major in psychology as an entering freshman at my University, worked for free at multiple internships, and attended one of the hardest graduate programs New York had to offer. By the time I had completed what had amounted to 7 years’ worth of schooling, it dawned on me that I still had at least another 5 years to go if I wanted to continue on this path and become a licensed psychologist. After graduate school, I decided I needed a year off before applying for any doctoral programs. During that year, I taught undergrad psych courses at my alma mater, Kean University. I loved teaching there. It allowed me to talk about psychology to fresh minds, and help engross them in the subject, but it also allowed me freedom to peruse other options. That’s when I started to write.

I didn’t teach every day, so on the days I wasn’t at work or grading papers, I would write. Like I said, I always wrote, but it wasn’t until then that I considered myself a writer. I was inspired to write a novel that would capture the way I felt while living in New York.

While I worked at the University, I consulted an old creative writing professor of mine, Dr. James Connor, who helped me work through the first draft of my novel. The book became my baby, and my love for psychology, although always still in the background, was slowly becoming replaced by my love for writing. He guided me through the first stage of my novel, and for that I will always be grateful.

I hope when people read my book (soon to be books, as I am writing a series) they find themselves submerged in New York City culture. Not just the glitz and glamour of it all, but the harsh parts as well. The expression that the city can chew you up and spit you out is no joke, and that’s something I hope I get across each time my fingers strike the key board.

Thank you everyone who’s helped me along the way, whether we speak anymore or not- you know who you are. And a big thank you to Harper Impulse, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!


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