BakeOff Recap, Series 5 Episode 3: BREAD!

Warning: This post will contain an inordinate amount of puns. Be prepared. I’m not going to lie – this was one of my first experiences of #GBBO. While I’m already familiar with Paul Hollywood’s cooling – if not frosty – glare and Mary Berry’s grandmother-with-sass attitude, I have yet to throw myself into the mix with a full episode. Until today. Where once I was flat and unproven,  I can now safely say that I have risen to the challenge. It didn’t take long for Sue and Mel to knead me into warm and satisfying submission. Moving on from Enwezor’s crumble and demise last week, last night we saw the contestants roll with the punches when Mary and Paul attacked their attempts at making the…

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Morning all! I’m Jack and you’ll be seeing a bit of me over the coming weeks while I intern here at HarperCollins. I’ll be bringing you (or pestering you with…) some cool posts about cake and Great British Bake Off as well as any info you guys might be interested in. You’ll be hearing from me soon! *anticipates cheers*   Jack

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