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This story has everything I could wish for – romance, sex, emotions both high and low and of course more romance.  Oh yes, plus a very sexy guy!”

We’ve had another brilliant review for Mandy Baggot’s Made in Nashville from the lovely Tracey at BookThing!

Think you know it’s hero Jared Marshall? You could WIN a signed paperback copy of Mandy’s summer read, Do You Remember? Not met Jared yet? Now is the perfect time


To enter to win, just answer these three questions in the comments by the 7th of September and we will pick a winner the following week! We’re looking for cheeky and inventive rather than correct!

1. Jared has to pick one meal from the restaurant menu. Which does he choose?

2. What does Jared wear in bed?

3. The bar has run out of beer. What does Jared order next?

Happy entering and if you haven’t read Made in Nashville yet it’s currently just 69p/$0.99!  Download your copy here.

Controversy strikes in week four of #GBBO


Yes, we all feel cheated. Iain was a great contestant with an impeccable beard to boot – but now he’s gone after a thrilling and potentially infuriating episode of Bake Off.


Last night we got  some sweet and more sour than we were expecting in Dessert week.  The contestants started off with some self-saucing puds, which looked amazing even when they weren’t cooked to perfection. But the sponge lost all its moisture when we made it to the show’s heart-stopping climax (and I mean genuinely heart-stopping with those calorific Baked Alaskas).

Honestly, it was a night of ups and downs. Off the bat, Iain’s beard was on top form. Perfectly groomed; a ‘russet Gandalf’ in Sue’s words. Sue herself was doing brilliantly. She spouted some comic gems like ‘I wouldn’t know where to begin with that’ only seconds after referring to a cake as a ‘Massive Spotted Dick’, perhaps in an attempt to allay the devastation that she knew was to come in the final moments of the ep. And Norman, unsurprisingly, managed to mellow the emotional tone of the show by being the most boring man to ever appear on television.

When we got to the drama of the Iain vs. Diana moment, tempers were running high. In a strike of Machiavellian brilliance, Mary and Paul upped the ante for the show-stopper segment by having the ice-cream-based challenge take place on the hottest day of the year. And temperatures definitely rose in the tent – as Sue cleverly remarked, ‘I don’t think we’ve ever seen this tent so intense…’ The event, for those who don’t know: Diana took Iain’s ice cream out of the freezer, which proved to be a fatal mistake and led to the ruin of his Baked Alaska.

However, as with all controversies, there is more than one layer to this particular sponge. We must slice through the meringue-y exterior of this Baked Alaska of delicious drama to reveal the complexity of elements within. It is true, as Sue has stated on Twitter, that Iain’s ice cream had been out of the freezer for a grand total of forty seconds. Depending on who you ask, those forty seconds are either too long or not long enough to make the difference. But everyone agrees that Iain’s reaction, to throw his entire Baked Alaska in the bin, reflected a personality that one could only have expected from a man with such a wild and free (and yet, totally boss) approach to facial hair.

In the end, I can agree on some level with the judges’ decision to send Iain home. But, dammit, I’ll miss him.

Goodnight, russet Gandalf. As the white wizard himself said, ‘the journey doesn’t end here. Exclusion from Bake Off is just another path. One that we all must take.’



The Life You Left – 5* reviews all round!

The Life You Left

We’re thrilled to announce that this week Carmel Harrington’s amazing and thoughtful book The Life You Left is ranked #77 in the Contemporary Romance chart on the Kindle Store and #141 on Kobo’s equivalent!

The reviews for this tragic and yet inspirational read have been stunning, with thirty-seven 5-star ratings on Amazon and over 25 on Goodreads.

And at only 99p on Amazon and Kobo, there is no reason not to get your copy now!

‘Carmel Harrington has done it again! Brilliantly written and as a second novel for this author, it surpasses all expectations… It is mature and beautifully written in such a way that the story line once again, envelops the reader from beginning to end.’ – Chicklit Club

‘The Life You Left had everything – from family, love, protectiveness to more harder-hitting and sensitive issues. I really connected with Sarah in this novel and her wonderful, strong personality makes her probably my favourite leading character in any book I can remember reading.’ – Reviewed The Book

‘Sarah is been put firmly on my list of all time favourite heroines, and my god, does she deserve such a title.’ – Old Victorian Quill

‘Engaging from the first page, at times emotional, at others thoughtful, The Life You Left will make you see life in a different way.’ – Women’s Way

‘A bittersweet, quietly brilliant novel that will make you cry, laugh and cry all over again.’ – Female First

Watch the book trailer for The Life You Left‘:



Acquisition announcement: Meet the Lady Smut team!

We are so excited that we have acquired an anthology of sexy erotic romance from the team at Lady Smut! We’ll be sharing lots more about The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires soon, but in the meantime, meet some of the lovely ladies behind it!

Elizabeth Shore

Elizabeth Shore

I was born and raised in Wisconsin but for many years have called New York home. The crazy hectic pace of the city inspires me and gets my heart racing. What better place for writing historical and contemporary erotic romance? The hotter the better as far as I’m concerned.


CM KempeCM Kempe

I am a writer of erotic romance distinguished by its humour, intelligence and fearless sensual pleasures. My stories range from contemporary thrillers to medieval era fairy tales. An English professor by day, I also write on medieval literature, film, creative writing and social media, as well as mainstream and genre fiction under my given name and non-explicit romance as Kit Marlowe, and noir as Graham Wynd.

Liz EverlyLiz Everly

I live in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with my family. I write under a pen name to escape expectations and embrace all possibilities. I’m the author of the SAFFRON NIGHTS SERIES (e-Kensington). I also write regional bestselling cookbooks and Agatha-award nominated traditional mysteries under my own name. On any given day, you may find me researching murder, sex, or cooking techniques. I’d not have it any other way. Grin.

Madeline IvaMadeline Iva

I grew up in a household full of women who read bags and bags of romances.  My favorite romances star intelligent heroines and brooding withholding heroes.  Throw in a dash of crazy and I’m happy from start to finish.  My life is happy, pretty, and to most people very boring. I sit around all day thinking up way too many plots, drinking tons of tea, and calling up my bff, Liz Everly, way too often.

We can’t wait to share more news with you about this exciting acquisition, but in the meantime, please welcome Lady Smut to the HarperImpulse team!

Cover reveal! Say it with Sequins: The Charleston

We’ve danced The Rumba, we’ve done The Waltz, next month, it’s all about The Charleston, as Georgia Hill’s Say it with Sequins series returns!

Say it with Sequins - The Charleston

Into the last stage of ‘Who Dares Dances’ blasts Meredith Denning, a tour de force! She’s a voluptuous, beautiful Oxford grad looking for a direction in life.

Merry is partnered with professional dancer Daniel, who is still nurturing feelings for a newly engaged Julia. Though it’s not long before these two take their incredible chemistry from ballroom… to bedroom!

With Daniel on her arm and the trophy within reach, Merry finds herself in danger of breaking the habit of a lifetime as she falls heavily for Daniel.

Find out how it all ends the final part of the flirty, fun and FAB-U-LOUS series, Say It With Sequins!

Pre-order The Charleston today!


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