Pernille Hughes – Author Announcement

Award-winning digital first publisher HarperImpulse are thrilled to announce the acquisition of exciting new romantic comedy Sweatpants at Tiffanie’s by debut author Pernille Hughes. Editorial director Charlotte Ledger bought World English Language rights for two books from Federica Leonardis at Martin Leonardis. The knockout romantic comedy of the year, Sweatpants at Tiffanie’s is a hilarious, feel-good novel for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Jo Watson. It follows Tiffanie Trent, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend of ten years but finds out she has inherited the boxing gym where she has been book-keeper for the last decade. With her saggy trackies and supermarket trainers, everyone is certain she’ll fail, most of all Tiff herself. And life is about to get even more complicated when…

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Easter Treat: New Author Announcement (No we promise it isn’t an April Fools!)

Award-winning digital first publisher HarperImpulse are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Historical author Deborah Carr. Editorial Director Charlotte Ledger bought World All Language rights after approaching the author about writing a novel to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War this year. Deborah Carr lives on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands with her husband, two children and three rescue dogs. She became interested in books set in WW1 when researching her grandfather’s time as a cavalryman in the 17th 21st Lancers. She is part of ‘The Blonde Plotters’ writing group and was Deputy Editor on the online review site, Her debut historical romance, Broken Faces, is set in WW1 and was runner-up in the 2012…

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Valentines Day – Love it or loathe it!

Like Brexit and Donald Trump, Valentine’s Day is one of those topics that totally divides opinion. Do you love, love, lurve it? Or utterly loathe it? I used to hate it (especially during those angsty teenage years, when the school heart-throb failed to remember my name, let alone send a card), but over time it has slowly begun to worm its way into my affections, wooing me with its flowers and overpriced dinners. This February, though, I’ve decided to give into it completely. Passionately. Because sometimes, as a wise man (er, Justin Timberlake) once said, you can’t stop the feeling. You see, 2018 looks set to be the most romantic year of the century yet, melting even the most cynical of hearts. To start with,…

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Barlow’s Bountiful Books!

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the New Year! We have some truly wonderful news to share with you as we bring in the New Year. We’re so excited to share with you all that HarperImpulse has signed 2 more books with Christie Barlow, author of the much loved THE COSY CANAL BOAT DREAM! *Cartwheels around office* Please do congratulate Christie on this new milestone and join us in waiting for the new gems she’ll be writing!

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Another day, another author, another new family member!

Award-winning digital first publisher HarperImpulse are so excited to announce the acquisition of World All Language rights for a heartwarming, seasonal series from debut author, Poppy Blake. The Windmill Café is a gorgeous three-part series, set on the gorgeous Norfolk coast, that will follow the lives and loves of Rosie and Matt. It’s a story about the importance of friendship, family and the therapeutic benefits of baking up a storm when things get tough. The café will open its doors in March 2018 with book one, Summer Breeze – the perfect summer read to indulge in at the beach.  Autumn Leaves will follow in July and the final installment, Christmas Trees will be published in September. Poppy Blake is an avid scribbler of contemporary romance…

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