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Book Signing Buzz

Saturday 9th August – 2pm – Waterstones, Weston-super-Mare


Every author wants to do a book signing when their book is available in paper. If they say different, they are lying!

However, when you actually attend the event, it is nerve-racking. Will people show up? Will they buy your books? What if the shop is empty? What if you are left with a pile of books?

Knowing that my book was print on demand (POD) I thought it would take Waterstones some convincing to order it in. However, my local branch in Weston-super-Mare was very keen, as they believed Plus One is a Lucky Number was a sellable book, especially this time of year. It’s a Chick-Lit/Rom Com and with everyone on their summer holidays, they would be looking for a holiday read for the beach.

They got authorisation from ‘above’ and ordered twenty books, airing on the side of caution, as they couldn’t afford to be left with lots of books in the store.

Once I knew they were ordering the books in, I started promoting my book signing.


I got some bookmarks designed and printed, so that I could hand them out with the book – it makes the customer feel they’re getting something for free then.

One author recommended having sweets on the table, so I did that too. I also made sure I had plenty of pens (in case customers walked off with them). Another author friend recommended I thought of a pitch to approach people with. However, on the day, this didn’t seem to necessary for me, as I had a very good friend approaching people for me, handing out the bookmarks, so I didn’t have to leave my table.

What I would suggest is make sure you rope a few friends in. I asked my keen friends who wanted to buy my book in paper, to hold off until my book signing. That way I knew I had a few sold at least.

They also help make the table look busy, and if they’ve read the book can even recommend to potential readers. And they calm your nerves. I tried not to sit too much at my table, rather stand beside it.

The thing I found the hardest was knowing what to write inside the book. I did check the few books I have on my bookshelf that are signed to see what those authors had written and this gave me some ideas. Most I personalised, but one customer just wanted my signature and the date – in the hope I’m the next J K Rowling I think (I wish!) and she can sell the book on.

I sold all twenty books that day and went to number 1 of the stores’ bestsellers listings – yay!

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon in Waterstones. The staff were wonderful – they really knew what they were doing too – and the experience is one for the memory box.

I only hope that there are more book signings to attend in the future.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. No question too silly either. This was my first book signing, and I really didn’t know what to expect, so if you want to learn from my experience, I’m happy to share.

Teresa F Morgan is the author of Plus One is a Lucky Number, which is available now!

Get your copy here:



BakeOff Recap, Series 5 Episode 3: BREAD!


Warning: This post will contain an inordinate amount of puns. Be prepared.

I’m not going to lie – this was one of my first experiences of #GBBO. While I’m already familiar with Paul Hollywood’s cooling – if not frosty – glare and Mary Berry’s grandmother-with-sass attitude, I have yet to throw myself into the mix with a full episode.

Until today.

Where once I was flat and unproven,  I can now safely say that I have risen to the challenge. It didn’t take long for Sue and Mel to knead me into warm and satisfying submission.

Moving on from Enwezor’s crumble and demise last week, last night we saw the contestants roll with the punches when Mary and Paul attacked their attempts at making the perfect bread. First up, we got some tasty-looking rye rolls with some ambitious and peculiar ingredients, including parsnip, pumpernickel and fennel. There really was an eclectic mixture of recipes from the diverse bunch. That Scottish bloke is already getting on my nerves, though. Caraway seeds and sultanas? Jog on, mate.

After a brief dip into the history of Britain’s imported spices (thanks, colonialism), Paul hit the bakers with some sage advice: be patient with ya ciabatta. Sadly, the results of the second round were as uninspiring as Mel speaking Italian. Jokes – her accent actually got a rise out of me, whereas the contestants’ Italian attempts left me feeling flat.

After the ciabatta were judged, I knew that Jordan would be toast. The dough only further soured for the ‘flamboyant’ baker as he attempted (and failed) to make a brioche-type concoction with raspberries and cream cheese. Although the reception for most of the rest of the bakers’ filled rolls was almost equally crusty, Jordan’s prospects at advancing into the next round looked the most unleavened.

Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t exactly shaking in my loaf-ers when Jordan finally got the boot. His dreams were sliced while Luis’ rose to unseen heights. The happy-chappy and his saffron infused Spanish something-or-other gained mixed reviews but still took the prize amongst a selection of rather disappointing bakes. What a pitta. (OK, that one was a bit of a stretch).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for next week’s desserts. I can really get into this #GBBO mania.

Doughn’t forget to read our recap next Thursday!

Meet the Stable Mates men!

Secrets and scandals, love and lust – when the ‘Cheshire Set’ are up against the ‘Footballer’s Wives’ the only common ground is carnal… Today we have a guest blog from Zara Stoneley introducing the men of her new book, Stable Mates!

In Tippermere they work hard and play hard, in Kitterly Heath they’re rich and famous. Finding a fit man isn’t difficult…the trickiest part is knowing which one could be your perfect Stable Mate…

Rory SteelRory Steel – (Henry Cavill)
Occupation – three day eventer
Likes – a challenge, fun, having a good time.
Can’t live without – his terriers and horses
Dislikes – being bored, sitting still.

What they say – works hard, plays hard and has a lust for life.


Mick O'NealMick O’Neal – (Alessandro Terrin)
Occupation – Farrier
Likes – a woman who believes in herself, a good honest horse.
Dislikes – ultimatums, playing the field.

What they say – dangerously sexy, deep thinker, Irish charmer. Perceptive and protective.


Dominic StanthorpeDominic Stanthorpe – (Richard Armitage)

Occupation – dressage rider
Likes – fine wine, foreign travel, reading and visiting museums (time permitting)
Dislikes – shoddy behaviour, surprises, flamboyance.

What they say – aristocratic. Striving for perfection, with a strong sense of duty.
Lottie’s Uncle, Elizabeth’s son.

David SimcockDavid Simcock – (David Beckham)
Occupation – England goalkeeper
Highlight – playing for England, buying a Ferrari
Likes – playing on the Xbox, going to the gym, nice clothes, a woman who likes being looked after.

What they say – fit sportsman, rich enough to live in Kitterly Heath. Son of a property developer.

Billy BrinkleyBilly Brinkley – (Patrick Dempsey)
Occupation – show jumper
Highlight – winning an Olympic medal
Lowest point – losing Alexa
Likes – coffee, whiskey, full English breakfast, a woman with a good sense of humour
Dislikes – time wasters, lazy sods
Hobbies – what’s a hobby?

What they say – as competent in the sack as the saddle, fun loving but in need of a good woman. Speaks his mind.

Tom StrachanTom Strachan – (Brad Pitt)
Occupation – sexy ex-underwear model.
Likes – a quiet life, country walks, dogs, a pint of beer by a log fire.
WLTM – someone gentle, with a sense of humour
Dislikes – bright lights and meaningless lives, greed, cruelty.

What they say – dog lover, cute, adores his daughter, not sure about the horses.


Zara Stoneley’s new book, Stable Mates, will be released next month and is available to pre-order now

Have you started a summer fling?

All this month, Aimee Duffy’s sensational summer flings are being released into the world. Each short is a bite sized fun and flirty rom com, which are ‘sexy, fun and hot as the summer sun’ (thanks Book Girl Wears Pajamas!). Click on the images below to read about each of these brilliant summery titles!

Trouble in Tinseltown Misbehaving in Miami Point us to Paris Geeks Go Greek Ibiza Insanity Flirting in Florence Deliver to Dublin

Cover reveal: Mortals & Myths

Today we have a very special cover reveal to share for a brand new trilogy from a brand new author, Corrina . From September this year, start reading Mortals & Myths, an intense, thrilling and erotic, m/m urban fantasy series from an exciting new author in the genre! The first book is ICEBOUND, publishing 25th September, which will be followed up by FLAMEBORN and SHADOWBLIND in 2015. Here’s a note from one of our readers, Narelle, about why she loved this series so much:

If you enjoy extra-hot urban fantasy romance, have we got a new series for you!

These gorgeous covers are for debut author Corinna Rogers’ Mortals & Myths series; a scorching, deliciously dark story about Drake and Shane and the dangerous paranormal world world they live in.

Icebound introduces Drake and Shane as they are forced to work together, after years of painful estrangement, in what might be their last chance to save Shane’s soul and the man he used to be—the man Drake used to love—from the brutal grip of the Ice King.

When I first read Icebound I was sucked in headfirst by Corinna’s taut worldbuilding and perfectly drawn, conflicted characters. If you’ve never read a male/male romance but are a fan of authors like Nalini Singh and Larissa Ione, Icebound is the perfect first step into the subgenre. Corinna delivers all the eroticism and grit you expect from the best of urban fantasy romance with strong, dark heroes who are intensely in love and willing to do anything to shield each other from the worst dangers of their paranormal world.




What do you think of the new covers? Aren’t they stunning? We cannot wait for you to start reading these! Icebound is released in September 2014 and is available to pre-order here.

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