Guest Posts

The Revelation.

Testing, testing, can everyone read this? Hello? *waves hand in front of screen* Okay, I’m just going to go right head, read at your own peril! Hi and welcome to the Harper Impulse blog – today on the agenda; we’re about to find out who the brains (questionable) are behind the Harper Impulse social media… Read More The Revelation.

Guest Posts

My Perfect Romantic Mixtape || by Mary Jayne Baker

My new romantic comedy, Meet Me at the Lighthouse, is all about the power of music. The hero, Ross, is a talented singer-songwriter who teams up with heroine Bobbie to bring their town’s dilapidated Victorian lighthouse back to life as a music venue. Of course it’s not all smooth sailing, either for the lighthouse or… Read More My Perfect Romantic Mixtape || by Mary Jayne Baker

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