The Park Bench Test

Publication date: 12/09/2013

How do you know when you’ve found Mr Right?

Aspiring journalist Becky Harper loves her boyfriend Alex, but she doesn’t think he’s Mr Right.

Her best friend Emma doesn’t believe in Mr Right – she’s just looking for a man who will stick around longer than her dad did.

Katie has found her Mr Right and is planning her September wedding with her two best friends.

Debut author Sarah Lefebve asked her own friends and family how they knew they had found the elusive Mr Right and then turned their honest – and often surprising – answers into this charming, emotional and downright funny romance about three friends and their search for Mr Right – if he even exists that is…



This is a very strong debut novel. Lefebve has a great writing voice, allowing her readers to care about the characters and the story… I highly recommend The Park Bench Test, give it a go!’ Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews
The Park Bench Test is a sweet story, whether you agree with the ‘Mr Right’ theory or not.’ Judging Covers
The ending is worthy of the best Rom-Com and the whole story would make a wonderful film. A superb debut book I look forward to the next one.’ Jane Hunt

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