The Secret Love of a Gentleman

Publication date: 27/08/2015

The next book in Jane Lark’s Kindle best-selling Regency romance series!

Inferior and seduction are bitter tasting words…
How could Caro love and hate the same man? How could she be foolish enough to harbour that love for years; to hide herself away from the world because of her embarrassment over her failure to be loved in return? Because she is a fool… Yet Rob Marlow sees not that but courage in her, and this beautiful young man, who gives her back the strength she’s lost is someone she longs to cling to for the physical comfort she has missed since the end of her marriage.
Integrity, idealism and honour are at the heart of Rob Marlow, and yet he knows that perhaps pride is his weakness, but he thought it his only possible weakness until he spends a summer with his sister and discovers a new addiction, Caro, his brother-in-law’s dependent sister.
“Pure, unadulterated romance.” Best Chick
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