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Entertaining fiction that women everywhere will love to read and won’t be able to put down.

New writers with fresh, unique voices that will stand out from the crowd – and the more the merrier!


• Books that make you laugh
• Books that make you fall in love
• Books that make you cry
• Books that make you hide behind the covers
• Books that make you tell all your friends about them


• Contemporary romance
• Historical romance
• Chick lit and romantic comedy
• Epic and saga
• Psychological Suspense
• Crime & Thriller
• Women’s fiction
• Multi-cultural Fiction
• Commercial Literary


We are simply looking for brilliant stories! So, what are you waiting for? To submit, e-mail us at harperimpulse@harpercollins.co.uk with your completed manuscript, covering letter and brief synopsis.

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We have a truly digital first publishing mindset – we think about content and how women want to read it. Digital first doesn’t mean digital only and we explore all formats and all opportunities for our books.

We are storytelling experts – our award-winning editorial team has over thirty years experience in the industry combined and worked in all areas of publishing. Plus we love nothing more than reading, talking, blogging, tweeting, waffling on about all things books!

We are global and we want authors from everywhere and anywhere because we reach readers everywhere and anywhere – all they need is a reading device and we can send them our books!

We’ll try almost anything once at HarperImpulse – a good philosophy for publishing and life we think!

‘Working with HarperImpulse has been one of the most exciting publishing experiences of 2016. Charlotte Ledger’s great enthusiasm and energy is a shining example of the future of Publishing and her ability to turn great novels into bestsellers is truly inspiring’ Luigi Bonomi, LBA Books

‘Working with the team at HarperImpulse is always a pleasure. With a clear vision for their books they work tirelessly to nurture authors and grow their audiences. They have the skills and energy to really launch new authors into what is a very competitive marketplace, and do so with creativity and ambition’ Hannah Ferguson, Hardman & Swainson

‘Being part of HarperImpulse has been an amazing experience for me as an author. Its combination of creativity and commercial awareness has allowed me to grow as a writer, and to feel like I’m part of something really special. Seeing the imprint go from strength to strength is so rewarding, and a testament to the hard work and ambition of the team’ Debbie Johnson

‘One of the many great things about HarperImpulse is that they invest in new authors, nurture them and help them grow their career. I love working with Charlotte Ledger and the team and I’m hugely grateful to them for guiding me through the publishing process’ Bella Osborne

‘The team at HarperImpulse fell in love with my books from day one and have always been as excited and enthusiastic about them as I am. The team is refreshingly responsive to authors and efficient with each stage of the publishing process from start to finish’ D.R. Graham

‘The people at HarperImpulse were a joy to work with. The editors make my books better, the cover artists are stellar, and they listen to my ideas. They are genuinely nice people who work with you to make your book the best it can be’ Nic Tatano

‘Having the back-up of a large organisation like HarperCollins is fantastic as I know there are people beavering in the background, trying to get the best possible deals for me as an author. They also hold great parties!’ Georgia Hill

‘HarperImpulse gives us amazing freedom to break moulds and traditions and focus on what the readers really want, just a story that touches hearts; a story they can’t put down or forget’ Jane Lark

‘It’s a fabulously supportive place. Charlotte, Kim, and the other authors feel like my writing family. They are completely committed to developing my writing career and building me as a best selling author. They offer me the personal author attention of a boutique publisher, along with the sales and marketing advantages and opportunities that come with a top five publishing company. I get warmth, care, talent, inspiration, integrity, expertise, understanding, flair, brilliance and support, all combined with a creative edge and energy which is totally unique. It’s a fabulously special place, and I’m so grateful to be here’ Jane Linfoot

‘I love being published with HarperImpulse; it’s like being on a team with each author’s individuality at its heart’ Kathy Jay

‘I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the HarperImpulse family. We have beautiful books by gorgeous authors, who all support and encourage each other’ Teresa F Morgan

‘HarperImpulse is a vibrant, young and fresh imprint with a wide variety of sub genres meaning there is something for all tastes. Charlotte, Kim and the team are right on the ball with digital publishing and it is an honour to be part of that team as one of their authors. With Impulse, I know that my writing career will be nurtured and grown on a global scale which is very exciting indeed’ Emma Heatherington

‘As an author I benefit from the depth and breadth of experience a traditional publisher offers, but HarperImpulse also offers the advantage of being able to react to an ever changing marketplace as only an innovative, responsive digital imprint can. Unlike many digital-first imprints though, they invest in each author as an individual – building brands and developing careers. Their passion at every step of the journey from submission to publication is inspiring and nurturing, and the ever growing list of digital bestsellers is, I think, evidence that they’ve got it right’ Zara Stoneley

‘I would just like to say (again) that this is the best publishing experience I’ve had in my entire career’ Michele Gorman, writing as Lilly Bartlett

‘I have been privileged to be part of the HarperImpulse community from the beginning. From those earliest days, when the imprint launched with just two eBooks, I’ve watched HarperImpulse grow and adapt. By remaining flexible, by being fearless and willing to experiment, by letting their authors tell the stories in their hearts, they have proved that we made the right decision signing with them! The team have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I found this imprint to be very author-centric, willing to listen to their authors and work with them to grow both the imprint and its books. But for me, the best part of HI is Charlotte Ledger. She works harder than anyone I know, is devoted to the imprint, and she offers her authors so much more than editing support. She has been my greatest cheerleader. Thank you Charlotte, and the rest of the amazing HarperImpulse team’ Romy Sommer

All non-agented manuscripts should be submitted as per the submission guidelines. Please note the detailed instructions on submission guidelines before sending your documents electronically.

Yes, we are only looking for fiction manuscripts.

We are looking for novels of any length!

No. Please only submit full-length manuscripts that are completed and polished.

Your manuscript needs to be double-spaced, readable, and submitted in MS Word format.

No, please only submit one manuscript at a time. If your work is a trilogy or series, please only submit the first manuscript.

No. The manuscript must be your own original work. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that it is all your own work.

Yes, we will consider various subgenres as long as we think they will be enjoyed by our target audience, and the clarification is not make-or-break.

Agents should pitch and submit projects in the usual fashion.

Yes. But please be upfront with us.

Yes, we will consider work that has been previously published if the author has retained full volume rights or had full volume rights revert to them. Please provide the publication details.

Yes, but it might be best to submit something fresh.

There is no need to specify an editor.

Yes, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your submission. Please check your junk email filter for this automated email. It will only send the first time you email us. If you do not receive an automatic response, please email us at harperimpulse@harpercollins.co.uk<mailto:romance@harpercollins.co.uk> with the title and date of your submission.

Due to the volume of submissions, we will only be able to contact you if your project is the right fit. Unfortunately, as we are such a small team, we can’t guarantee how long it will take us to respond to your submission, but we do read everything we are sent!

We can’t guarantee feedback but we will try!

This is a digital first imprint – so whilst there is no guarantee there is a possibility that submissions will be published in print as well.

No. Once submitted, our editorial team will review your manuscript to determine if it is the right fit for our list. If it is, we will contact you and you will be required to sign our standard publishing agreement before we proceed further.

We’re always looking for ways to grow our authors in a marketplace rife with new opportunity. We see the digital list as a fantastic opportunity to find exciting new writers and reach more readers than ever before.

The digital list will offer similar benefits to authors as the print list. Authors will receive the benefit of editorial advice from experienced editors. During the publication cycle, the books will receive support from Harper Fiction’s marketing and publicity professionals; and the e-books will benefit from our proven, strong relationships with all e-book channels and online retailers.

Currently, we are looking to acquire enough content to release several digital titles in different genres each month.

Every digital contract will include World English language distribution, so we can deliver these e-books everywhere around the world where English-language novels are sold.

Our e-books will be available at every e-retailer, and readers will be able to download them onto every portable reading device and platform sold today … and tomorrow, too.