GIVEAWAY: Zara Stoneley Paperback Set!!

It’s time for the gorgeous Zara Stoneley’s blog tour for SUMMER WITH THE COUNTRY VILLAGE VET!! In honour of her latest, we’re giving away not just that paperback but also paperbacks of her bestselling Tippermere series: Stable Mates, Country Affairs, and Country Rivals!

All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell us a memory you have of a favourite pet, or a favourite moment with an animal. Here’s one from our assistant Sam:

“When I was a senior in high school, a friend from school was in a horrible accident. I knew he was going to be okay, but when I got home that night, I felt so helpless. My mom came in the room and handed me a kitten her friend had found in the tree out back. She had apparently been a handful all day, but the second she was in my arms, she fell asleep purring on my chest. I got to keep her, and I named her Fiona. I’ve had a few pets, but she’s the one that really felt like mine.”

So comment below to be entered to win! And click here to purchase Summer with the Country Village Vet, Zara Stoneley’s latest and the first of the Love in Langtry Meadows series!

The Fine Print

Enter by 11:59PM GMT on Friday 9 June 2017 to be eligible. Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries and notified within 72 hours of the giveaway closing via email address provided with comment. Once notified, the winner will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize by sending a mailing address, or the prize will be forfeited.

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22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Zara Stoneley Paperback Set!!

  1. When my boyfriend cheated on me I replaced him with a Cairn puppy called Roxi. For her entire life she was loyal, honest, loving, devoted and the best company putting my ex- boyfriend to shame. I miss her every day.

  2. We used to have a cocker spaniel called Copper. My Gran lived with us and she got a Jack Russell puppy, who was named Zinc. I can still see Zinc gambolling around, attacking Copper’s long ears, while Copper lay there stoically, with a long-suffering look on her face. Being a spaniel, Copper loved to swim and whenever she was in the water, Zinc would be running along the edge barking and yapping in a panic until Copper got out safely. They loved each other really!

  3. Id be absolutely thrilled to win this amazing bundle! im a total bookworm! thanks for the chance!

  4. My most favourite pet is my corn snake SeverusSnake. A few months ago I woke up to discover he had escaped his enclosure and had managed to get in with our female corn Daenerys and had tried to mate with her. Unfortunately (for him) she had spurned his advances and had gotten away from him, leaving him with his hemipenes (penis) exposed. Because it had come into contact with the substrate of the viv he couldn’t contract his hemipene back inside his body. I then spent an hour trying to reduce the swelling and rubbing lubrication to the affected area to ensure it went back properly.
    Thankfully it did as the alternative would have been surgery… he is perfectly fine now but still determined to be a ladies man.

  5. What a delightful competition. I love rabbits and have had 5 delightful bunnies all do different in personality. (Patch, Maisie and, Sweep are no longer here) I have two boys at the moment Zac and Ed.
    My favourite moment is with Zac, although very hard to choose. Zac had been out all day in the garden, hopping about eating grass, when it was time to return to his hutch I called to him and low and behold his ears poked up and he hopped across the garden and into his hutch. Wow! I then went to give him a cuddle and his food and he kept licking me. I am sure he was a dog in another life!!!
    Thank you for a chance to win. Xx

  6. Oh my word! There are so many, many wonderful moments I shared with my pets, as I am always surrounded by my dogs, just think about assisting the girls when they’re in labour and seeing all those new puppies enter the world… The daily antics and the devil face of my present puppy when she’s pretending not to looking at me and trying to try her sharp teeth on my ankles… Thousands of such moments and I cherish them in my memory. However, there is one moment that I will never forget, and it was with the horse I was looking after and riding when I was a teenager – he not only laughed when he’s seen me but when I was cleaning his hooves he licked my back 🙂

  7. My dog, Rusty, loves to do yard work. He’ll follow while we mow and jump up and pull down tree branches so they can be trimmed. If I get up on a ladder he will carry on until I get down. I guess he’s worried that I’ll get hurt. Love that dog!

  8. When I was a rebellious teenager I smuggled two rats into my bedroom as pets; I told my parents I was looking after them for a friend when they discovered the frayed curtains the rats had been chewing! They were called Alice and Lucy Fur and were so cute.

  9. My favourite memory is with my stray cat peach who arrived on my doorstep so cold and hungry I took him indoors and took care of him he is so happy now and has a great life we are inseparable love him to bits ?

  10. I’ve loved and worked with horses on and off since I was about 9 at our local stables (I’m turning 50 next month!). A few years ago I was in a position to ‘part loan’ a horse, this eventually led to me looking after 7. One girl asked me to look after her horse (as she was scared of him) no one really liked him as he was bulshy/bolted etc (being new I didn’t know this!). As he was hardly ever let out of his stable (again unknown to me at the time) I just opened the door with his halter, well he saw this as his chance to escape, bolted over my foot (big cob) which I now suffer severe arthritis in and dragged me across the yard. Anyway, long story short, I didn’t give up on him, I gave him a routine, he knew I would put him out and bring him in, feed, groom and love him, He turned into a puppy! The change in him was remarkable! We would play silly games together. Funnily enough the owner came back on the scene, but we still shared him and he still didn’t like her. I had to leave after getting cancer and other life changes, but I’ll never, ever, forget him, he will be in my heart forever ?

  11. Once, when walking my Westie around a lake, he was so distracted by the ducks that he tripped over a branch on the floor. I swear he tried to ride out the embarrassment by holding his head up high and ignoring what happened as he trotted on, his tail proud in the air.

  12. I had a pet rabbit called patch who sadly died the year after I got him but still do this day remember carrying him around as if he was a baby (there’s photos). But I did find out recently that I was the only one the rabbit liked as he used to nip everyone else!

  13. My silly cat Anna Belle is always doing things to make me smile. She follows me around like a puppy, sleeps with me, and begs for table scraps if I’m eating something she likes. She was a rescue cat, and I didn’t meet her until she was five, but now I don’t know what I’d do without her!

  14. I am a farmers daughter. My best ever memory is when we had little cute baby chicken. They are soooo lovely.

  15. My childhood pet was mongrel dog, called Rip. He had many adventures including jumping off a cliff following a seagull – rescued by my Dad and my uncle and unharmed, and trying to walk on water on a canal covered in green algae. He allowed us to dress him up, always stole any unattended food and loved us to bits. RIP

  16. My favourite pet would be one of my little kitties his name is Tattypus my dad named him its a far cry from the name i was going to call him of snowball.
    The story (true story) started like this back in 2004 i really wanted a kitten my dad took me to see this lady who had some by time we had gotten there she had one little guy left he was pure white with a little speck of grey on his head which eventually and unfortunately grey out as he got older he was the sweetest tiniest little thing and so much fun once we got him up to speed and his stomach settled.
    Some time later the next year i moved out of my dads house and in with my partner he had a dog we gave Tatty a few trial runs but alas it was not to be our dog although not mean was too excitable so my dad kept Tatty and he became his best friend id kept visiting over the years and everytime i went id feed him only to get merrrrrowwwwwwwwed at as most cat lovers will understand id take toys and things for him and dad adored him to bits and was forever telling me what he was up to they were inseparable for sure.
    This January one fateful morning i had gone to bed late anyway and had been asleep less than an hour and half and was due to get up early for work at the crack of dawn when i got a terrible panicked phone call my poor dear dad had been found passed away in his sleep of course myself and my partner in a panic rushed up to my dads house to it swarming with emergency services but he was in fact gone and had been for roughly a day so they said.
    Keeping my rather sad wits about me my first thought as there was nothing i could do for my dad at that moment was turned to Tatty i had already brought my now own cats box with me but shut him in another room with food for now.
    After dealing with police and ambulance services we packed up a couple things to bring home with us straight away baring in mind at this point it was gone 3am and im quite sure the neighbours wouldn’t have appreciated us moving stuff we boxed up Tatty and headed back to our house after briefly stopping by my work to inform them of the situation after all i had one shift left then was due a week off anyway it was after all my birthday the following week.
    So the weeks flew by sorting out a funeral and then going back to work and sorting out my fathers house and belongings and trying to find and keep some sort of normality which took much time after this for that to happen however in the meantime Tatty had settled into my house really rather well is eating and fussing and playing even my other cat was being rather well behaved which we hadn’t expected but were pleased with none the less there were no major fights maybe the odd rare hiss but mainly the odd cheeky little butt swiping Tatty has taken to my partner his new daddy rather well also he loves up to him and sleeps on him much the same way he would have my dad we are now 5 months in and who knows whether they will ever be snuggle buddies both my boys but so far so good Tatty has been to the vet and is all up to date with his health check and shots I have my little old boy back though i wish it hadnt been under the circumstances that it was i do hope to have many more years yet with my little guy.
    Moral: No matter what the circumstances whether it be a death or abuse or any other reason an animals love and capability to love is endless and “nose” no bounds.

    Thanks for reading. (sorry its an essay) 🙂

  17. My favourite memory with a pet is of our cat Rocky kneading my mum’s…chest… and he was really getting into it that he dribbled all down her front! It was hilarious. And a bit weird…

  18. My cat Ralph. I found him on the street age roughly 4 weeks old. Far too young to be away from his mum, I was told he was being put out to let ‘nature take its course’ by the mothers owner as he was the runt of the litter. He was very emaciated and covered in fleas but I loved him the moment I saw him.
    I had to bottle feed him and be up all hours of the night and we have such a close bond now 12 years on.
    He follows me round and thinks he is a people bless him. I have 3 cats now and adore them all but my boy is really a special one.

  19. I’ve always had rescue pets. At one particular time I had a deaf cat, a blind cat and a three legged dog. We also had a ferret. One Christmas day we put Billy the ferrets harness on, and Snowy the blind cats harness and took them both, with their leads to the local pub along with Jake the 3 legged dog. Jake proudly wore his fluffy antlers but unfortunately because of his limp, they ended up dangling under his chin. We had a few honks of car horns that Christmas as the 5 of us trundled along, but its a memory I’ll never forget and giggle about.

  20. We had the most beautiful, black cat called Jet. He had a little Siamese blood in him, so liked to chatter. He thought he was a dog, I think. He looked after us both, during my husband’s long, but successful, treatment for leukaemia. We lost Jet nearly 20 years ago and were devastated.
    This summer, our next door neighbour got a black cat and he found all the same suntraps in our garden, that Jet used to lie in. We spent the whole time doing double takes, each time we saw him!

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