Meet Cute 8-Track: Songs for Falling in Love

We all know the joy of meeting someone new and starting a crush. Sometimes it never moves past the crush stage, but other times… well, you may just find yourself in love.

And every relationship has to start somehow, right?

Katey Lovell is publishing a wonderful series of Meet Cute stories that will have you giddy from head to toe, and we wanted to find a way to commemorate that feeling. And what better way to do that than through music? So we’ve compiled a list of our fav songs about meeting people and falling in love. Pop on your headphones while strolling through the station or chilling at the coffee shop, and you just might have your Meet Cute while it plays…

And for our non-Spotify users:

1) I Saw Her Standing There; 2) First Day Of My Life; 3) At Last; 4) Us; 5) Just They Way You Are; 6) Bonfire Heart; 7) Stuck on You; 8) You Are The Best Thing; 9) Can’t Help Falling In Love; 10) Teenage Dream


And don’t forget to check out Katey Lovell’s Meet Cute series!

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