Meet the Stable Mates men!

Secrets and scandals, love and lust – when the ‘Cheshire Set’ are up against the ‘Footballer’s Wives’ the only common ground is carnal… Today we have a guest blog from Zara Stoneley introducing the men of her new book, Stable Mates!

In Tippermere they work hard and play hard, in Kitterly Heath they’re rich and famous. Finding a fit man isn’t difficult…the trickiest part is knowing which one could be your perfect Stable Mate…

Rory SteelRory Steel – (Henry Cavill)
Occupation – three day eventer
Likes – a challenge, fun, having a good time.
Can’t live without – his terriers and horses
Dislikes – being bored, sitting still.

What they say – works hard, plays hard and has a lust for life.


Mick O'NealMick O’Neal – (Alessandro Terrin)
Occupation – Farrier
Likes – a woman who believes in herself, a good honest horse.
Dislikes – ultimatums, playing the field.

What they say – dangerously sexy, deep thinker, Irish charmer. Perceptive and protective.


Dominic StanthorpeDominic Stanthorpe – (Richard Armitage)

Occupation – dressage rider
Likes – fine wine, foreign travel, reading and visiting museums (time permitting)
Dislikes – shoddy behaviour, surprises, flamboyance.

What they say – aristocratic. Striving for perfection, with a strong sense of duty.
Lottie’s Uncle, Elizabeth’s son.

David SimcockDavid Simcock – (David Beckham)
Occupation – England goalkeeper
Highlight – playing for England, buying a Ferrari
Likes – playing on the Xbox, going to the gym, nice clothes, a woman who likes being looked after.

What they say – fit sportsman, rich enough to live in Kitterly Heath. Son of a property developer.

Billy BrinkleyBilly Brinkley – (Patrick Dempsey)
Occupation – show jumper
Highlight – winning an Olympic medal
Lowest point – losing Alexa
Likes – coffee, whiskey, full English breakfast, a woman with a good sense of humour
Dislikes – time wasters, lazy sods
Hobbies – what’s a hobby?

What they say – as competent in the sack as the saddle, fun loving but in need of a good woman. Speaks his mind.

Tom StrachanTom Strachan – (Brad Pitt)
Occupation – sexy ex-underwear model.
Likes – a quiet life, country walks, dogs, a pint of beer by a log fire.
WLTM – someone gentle, with a sense of humour
Dislikes – bright lights and meaningless lives, greed, cruelty.

What they say – dog lover, cute, adores his daughter, not sure about the horses.


Zara Stoneley’s new book, Stable Mates, will be released next month and is available to pre-order now

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