Write for us


 New writers who dare to be different – and the more the merrier!

 Various genres, from fun & fast Adult and New Adult genre fiction to more mainstream novels; particularly contemporary and highly commercial stories with strong romantic elements.

 Writers who want to push the boundaries in terms of storytelling – whether that be mashing genres, experimenting with length etc.


 We are simply looking for good stories! So, what are you waiting for? To submit, e-mail us at romance@harpercollins.co.uk with your completed manuscript, covering letter and brief synopsis.

 Full submission guidelines can be found here, along with a list of frequently asked questions.

What’s different about us?

We have a truly digital first publishing mindset – we think about content and how women want to read it.

We are romance experts – we love reading, talking, blogging, tweeting, waffling on about all things romance.

We are global and we want authors from everywhere and anywhere because we are going to reach readers everywhere and anywhere –
all they need is a reading device and we can send them our books!

We are open to trying new things – for instance, we have a series of Follow Your Fantasy eBooks where you choose the fantasy you pursue!

We want to read what our authors want to write! If authors are passionate about a particular story then that passion shines through in their words – whatever the genre, whatever the length or format. I read a lot on my mobile, so short-form content works really well for me but I also love epic fantasy where size really counts!

We’ll try almost anything once at HarperImpulse – a good philosophy for publishing and life I think!

What are our authors saying about us?

Romy Sommer:

“From their first submission call little more than a month ago, to launching their first titles in early May, they’ve proven that Harper Collins can move as quickly as anyone else in the digital age. Acquiring titles, designing covers, revisions and promotions and contracts, and a ton of other behind-the-scenes stuff that we readers and writers have no clue about – they’ve done it all in record time.

“But what impresses me the most is that while they’ve been doing all this, they’ve also taken the time to interact with their readers. They’ve chatted on Twitter and introduced themselves on Facebook, run fun polls and started discussions. They genuinely want to know what readers want to read.

“From the day the first submission call went out on Facebook, I’ve been excited about Harper Impulse. I love their vision for books that are fun and contemporary. I love that they’re actively looking for books that push boundaries and try new things. I love that they’re working towards turn-arounds that are previously unimagined in traditional publishing. And I love how excited the editors all are about this line. I’m excited too. Are you?”

Charlotte Phillips:

“I’m so excited!! It’s been a real whirlwind – I only finished writing the story at the end of January, I had no publisher lined up for it and no idea if it was good enough to end up anywhere.

“To have it published just a few months later by fab new imprint HarperImpulse really is a dream.”

Rae Rivers:

“I knew from the moment that I spotted their call for submissions that they were the right publishers for this series and I wasn’t wrong! Their energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for my warriors have been amazing and I will always be grateful to them for this and for the opportunity to have my Keeper series published. It was wonderful to receive a call from a publisher to say that they love my idea and would like to offer my a contract for it, but there’s nothing nicer than knowing they’re as passionate about my books as I am. So, for the team at Harper Impulse – thank you for this!”