Your Dark Desires: Why Paranormal Readers Seek Unconventional Love

Is your boo an otherworldly creature? Is he, well, clinically dead? Hardly.  Yet paranormal readers embrace the monstrous side of humanity when it comes to romance novels.   How does the paranormal genre play upon our darkest desires, and why do we seek unconventional love between the pages? Today we have Madeline Iva, one of the Lady Smut authors, talking about why paranormal romance readers seek unconventional love.

Paranormal Romance power play is hot!

During a romance panel called “Unconventional Love” at Fall For the Book in Fairfax, VA, New York Times bestselling author Laura Kaye says embracing paranormal is all about power.

The heroines of her fantasy romances go up against mighty Gods and slay them with nothing but tender feelings.  Her readers enjoys a vicarious feeling of victory when the heroine triumphs in taming the alpha male.

Your Wounded Monster Needs You

Jeaniene Frost once said “If he’s been killing people for five hundred years as Vlad the Destroyer was, well, he’s got issues.”

Readers enjoy paranormal romances when big, male monsters—all tall, dark, and bloodsucking—often need the love of a good woman to overcome their self-loathing and psychological hurt.

Those readers who identify with healing, or mothering instincts, get a thrill as the heroine takes her monster from vulnerable wreck to healthy hottie.  These readers enjoy not only a sense of power in this kind of romantic interaction, but also the skill and competence of the heroine.

Brooding Bad Boys

Other readers might enjoy paranormal romances because they love bad boys – and let’s face it, five hundred year old Vlad is bad with a capital “B”.

Flying Your Freak Flag

Finally, there’s a lot of pressure on women to conform at the job and at home.  The paranormal hero is transgressive, he doesn’t behave like everyone else, knowing not from normality.  This break from the rules is refreshing to many readers.

While certain readers enjoy a break from the ordinary, others—like me—are just weird.  I came from a home so unconventional that now normal feels strange to me.  I always enjoy paranormal romances because they were made for anyone who likes colouring outside the lines.


Our anthology coming out this fall with Harper Impulse is full of unconventional men. From Gods to ‘goblins’ we have
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